Running your HVAC business is hectic enough, and then, there are the phone calls. Not only can they interrupt your workflow during customer appointments, but they can even annoy you when you’re supposed to be spending time with your friends and family. What’s the solution? Nth Zone™ Contact Center! Let us handle the calls for you, and you’ll earn unprecedented freedom from your phone.

Our HVAC Call Center Services

You start your workday and get a phone call. Then, you head out to repair an air conditioning unit and get more calls. Finally, you head home for the day, sit down to watch a movie with your family, and—yep, you guessed it—you get a phone call. Does running a successful HVAC business have to be like this? Do you really need to be tied up with customer calls day in and day out to let your company thrive?

The answer: not anymore. Thanks to the Nth Zone™ Contact Center, you don’t have to be a slave to your phone. That’s because our call center staff will happily pick up and personally handle incoming calls for you. The best part is, our reps are trained to turn each caller into scheduled customers. This means you’ll not only save time by starting with our contact center services, but you’ll book more jobs, too. Never lose a potential customer to your competitors again! See our different tiers of service plans below.

A Virtual Assistant takes all the calls for her HVAC business

Virtual Assistant

A Personal Agent for HVAC Calls

Have you ever received a bunch of phone calls and said to yourself, “Wow, I wish I had someone who could answer all these people for me?” Well, you can get exactly that and more with our Virtual Assistant plan. Reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with a personal agent that is trained to answer your phone calls and book appointments. In addition, your agent will know the ins and outs of your brand and business, including an online booking platform of your choice.

Our Virtual Assistant plan gives you what is essentially your own employee without forcing you to be their manager. We’ll do all the hiring, sales training, and quality assurance. Agents can do administrative tasks for you as well, handle email correspondence, and even inquiry responses on platforms like Home Advisor, Yelp, and Angie’s List. Anything that can be done remotely, they can handle!

Agents from the Nth Zone Call Center team take calls

Traditional Service

A Team That Will Take As Many Calls As Needed

What if someone could take calls for you, but answered with your company name, as if they were sitting in your office? With our Traditional Service package, you’ll get exactly that. In addition, your customers will also receive a custom welcome message whenever they call, making them feel at ease. No hotlines and no robot voices. Instead, your customers will hear a real person pick up and respond to them.

With our Traditional Service package, you will receive a great value for your money. That’s because our agents go through a rigorous four-week training program, ensuring they know how to respond to questions and book jobs. Furthermore, calls are listened to by our quality assurance team to make certain that our contact center staff is performing their best.

+ Email Response Team Add-On: Never miss a customer email again. Our agents will make sure every lead in your inbox receives a response.

+ Leads Response Team Add-On: Of course, there are more jobs to be found aside from those you hear about in phone calls and emails. Our agents can seek out all these opportunities for you on platforms like Home Advisor, Yelp, and Angie’s List. That way, any potential customer that uses these websites will be corresponded with immediately.

A contact center agent takes the roll over calls for a back up service client

Back Up Service

Book HVAC Jobs, Even When You’re Not Available

Sometimes, our clients don’t need help from the Nth Zone™ Contact Center 24/7, but instead only during certain hours. These timeframes usually tend to be on the weekends, while you’re out on a job, or after regularly posted business hours. In these cases, we’re glad to answer calls for you. Say hello to our Backup Service plan and never miss a customer just because you’re busy or off the job!

Our contact center will be glad to answer up to 100 calls per month on the Backup Service plan. Please note that the Email Response Team and the Leads Response Team are not available when using this plan.

The Nth Zone™ Contact Center is ready to help, so contact us today!

Our HVAC call center services provide your HVAC business with the tools it needs to thrive. Book more appointments than ever before and stop losing customers to your competitors.

Training Courses

Do you ever get the feeling you could be doing a better job of landing more appointments over the phone, but you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing wrong? Do you think you could benefit from brushing up on the phone basics? We have the perfect resource for you. Melissa Souto is our customer service professional, and she knows just about everything when it comes to talking to callers and having them book appointments. Her skills could be yours, too, in just a handful of training sessions!

Melissa Souto of the Nth Zone HVAC contact center can train you how to book more jobs

One-on-One Training

Custom-Tailored for You

With our One-on-One Training, Melissa will teach you about phone skills in a way that is relevant to you and your HVAC business. This includes our inquiry-answering process, a tried-and-true method to book more appointments. Furthermore, we also offer an optional audit and review of your own customer calls so you can learn key steps to personal improvement.

Virtual Training Course

Turn More “Maybes” into Appointments

Are you growing frustrated with your callers always telling you “maybe”? Perhaps it seems like they always want to check with their spouse, or that they’re asking around for prices, or that they just want more time to think things over.

Melissa knows how to turn these “maybes” into booked appointments, and she wants to pass this knowledge on to you. With her LIVE virtual training class, you’ll stop losing these “will they, won’t they” callers to your competitors, and you’ll make them into your customers instead.

Sign up for either One-on-One Training or Virtual Training by contacting Melissa at [email protected] or (984) 302-3459.

Melissa Souto of the Nth Zone HVAC contact center can train you how to book more jobs

The Nth Zone™ Contact Center Advantage

A clients calls the Nth Zone contact center and thinks hes speaking with a local agen
  • Customers Believe They’re Speaking With Locals. Our contact center staff picks up your calls and answers with your HVAC company’s name. This way, your callers think they’re speaking with a local representative from your business.

  • Our Reps Are Professionals. Nth Zone™ Contact Center staff are trained to turn your callers into customers. To ensure quality, we keep a close eye on our closing rates so that you are always booking more appointments than you would have on your own.

  • Don’t Waste Time on Your Phone. No more being a slave to your phone. Our contact center prevents you from wasting time on phone calls during appointments and free time.

  • Affordable Prices. Pay a monthly access charge and a small fee every time we book a job for you. That’s it. It’s inexpensive, and with all the extra appointments you’ll be receiving, you’ll certainly be able to afford it.

Client Testimonial

We’ve told you that we can save you time and net you more appointments. Now, hear it from a satisfied client of the Nth Zone™ Contact Center:

“The call center has been phenomenal. It’s cleared up my schedule so I can have a little bit of a regular life while I continue to build this brand.”

– Grady Brain, Contact Center Client

Stop Wasting Time on Calls

No more becoming distracted during HVAC appointments. Never waste a minute on phone calls when you’re supposed to be off the job. Start with HVAC call center services from Nth Zone™ today and reclaim your time!